Heron Publishing Announces Chamberocity

Chamberocity: It Starts With Image.

When someone wants information about your products or services, one of the first places they go, is your website.  You might say, your website makes the first impression of your chamber.  You want that impression to be professional, organized, welcoming and helpful.  Chamberocity offers you the chance to have a website that is all that and more. And what’s even better is this service is completely FREE to those who publish two or more publications through Heron Publishing. 

The Benefits To You...
FREE Web Design
Keyed to your printed materials
FREE Hosting
Free fits any budget

Generates Revenue
Income not overhead
Take Control!
Make Updates and Revisions
When You Need Them
Clean, User Friendly Website
That Promotes Your Chamber

One of the greatest assets of Chamberocity is that you are in control of your website. We design and host the site for you, and you maintain it.  You add new members as they join, you include the most updated information for your calendar of events, you change the color scheme of your website and plenty more.  These changes appear immediately when you activate them.  Updates and changes are so easy to make.  You don’t have to be a computer wiz to be able to run your website with Chamberocity.  Plus, your website can be used to generate revenue.  By selling ad space and web link activation, your website makes money for your Chamber.

For those who don’t have a website…

This is a great time to get started.  Websites are a fantastic way for those out of your immediate area to find you and learn about your community.  They are also useful for both chamber members and non-members to find local services and get information on events.  The chamber can use its website as a marketing tool to attract new members as well. 

Since the website comes free with your two chamber publications, you don’t have the hassle of finding a host and a web designer. Chamberocity offers you access to your information, so you don’t have to track down your web designer and wait for important updates to show up on your website.  Heron Publishing’s Webmaster answers any questions you have about how to run and work your website.  Once you get started, you’ll see how easy it is. 

For those who already have a website…

Maybe you’ve been thinking about updating the look of your website or you want to make your site more user friendly.  Overbearing websites are frustrating for online researchers.  Chamberocity provides clear, easy to use websites.  Heron Publishing takes care of the initial design and web hosting.  As well, the site is set up so that you make the modifications when you need to.  No more waiting for web designers to add new members or delete past events. 

To Get Started Call Heron Publishing Today at 1-800-785-1800

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